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Catch that Elusive Warm Happiness Feeling!


If it would rain every time a person complains about not feeling an ounce of warm happiness, then the earth would probably be floating in tears by now.

Why? Because people, from all walks of life, are not as happy as they seem to be. It seems that happiness is a very elusive thing. This is ironic considering our time presents many things that do not exist before. Makes one wonder what could really bring true happiness.

Do not freak out yet. There are certain factors that can help you achieve the happiness that you truly deserve. Maybe these are the things you have been searching for so long. Here they are…

1. Be contented.

Learning how to appreciate what you have can help you feel contented. The common mistake that you can make is to be envious of those that have more than what you have. There is always that need to have more than what is necessary.

To feel true happiness, you need to accept your life and what it is offering you. Contrary to what you think, simple things can bring you happiness. You need to value these things and be thankful that you have them.

Try to consider those who have less. You are not the only one experiencing problems in life. There are others who are less unfortunate than you. Keep these thoughts in mind and you will be contented with your life. By that time, you will find that happiness that you are looking for.

2. Happiness shared is happiness felt.

Give happiness to others and you will realize that it will come back to you doubled. Ever had that warm and fuzzy feeling inside yourself when you know that you made someone happy? Try to have more of those.

When you feel lonely all you have to do is think happy thoughts and share them with those around you. You will notice that the heavy feeling inside you is minimized. In time, it will even be eliminated.

Do not succumb to the burdens of everyday problems. They will just pull you lower and lower. Be with people who you feel you will be happy with.

3. Delve more on your achievements instead of your mistakes.

Being human, you are susceptible to mistakes that you cannot control. When this happens, pass it off as a lesson learned. Expect these things to happen. They will help you be stronger.

Move on from your mistakes. Do not get stuck. Instead, think of what you have achieved. If you think of it in numbers, you probably have done more good than bad.

4. Learn to forgive.

Grudges do not have a place in your life. It also serves to stunt your growth towards true happiness. Forgive those who wronged you and forget past disputes.

If you want to move on, forget the negative things in the past. For you to become a better and happy person, throw away all your bitterness.

5. Cherish life.

When was the last time you gave thanks to life when you woke up in the morning? Have you ever felt happy knowing that you are still alive and enjoying the joy of living?

These things are enough to make you feel warmth and happiness. Take a look at yourself and your life. What is missing in you?

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